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On this page you'll find snippets and stories about the demons, monsters and yokai that appear in my writing.

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I love coconuts. The smell, the taste, their incredible range of varied uses, I even slather myself in coconut scented body butter every morning. They're like concentrated beach days in a hairy brown bowling ball. But how did coconuts come to be? Folklore from Tahiti m...

In tribute to the start of the American Gods TV series, I thought I should do a short myth on one of the characters that appears in it. Chernobog is a myth from my motherland, and is an interesting god in that he is of the darkness but isn't really evil. He is the bala...

Underneath the world and beneath the Nile lives the great serpent Apep, God of Chaos. Long ago, the Sun was his, and he greatly desired it back.

The sun belonged to Ra now, and every day he would carry it across the skies on his river boat, bringing light to the people....

Pele has to be one of my favourite deities - I definitely have a penchant for fire-related myths.

Pele had to flee her home of Kahiki. She had seduced the husband of her sister Na-maka-o-Kaha’i, and boy was she mad. Na-maka-o-Kaha'i was a sea goddess you see, and Pele,...

When you see birds today they are all different colours - reds and greens, pinks and blues, yellows. But many years ago they were all the same colour, and the colour that they were was black.

Dove was out looking for food. He had been out all day without much success, h...

The Hermes in Greek Mythology has a bit or a reputation of being a trickster - sort of like a Loki or Maui character with less malice.

The very day he was born, Hermes wriggled free from his sleeping mother and ran all the way to Thessaly. "Hold on, but how did a new-bo...

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