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Chernobog corrupts man

In tribute to the start of the American Gods TV series, I thought I should do a short myth on one of the characters that appears in it. Chernobog is a myth from my motherland, and is an interesting god in that he is of the darkness but isn't really evil. He is the balance to Belobog, god of light.

Chernobog, lord of darkness, sat his lair, and a great sadness overwhelmed him. He thought of all the injustices in the world and felt despair. The only way to fix all these problems, he thought, was to take over the world and bend it to his will.

Chernobog transformed himself into a serpent and slithered out to the world where he corrupted the humans until a great war started with the heavens. Darkness spread across the world. His forces were mighty, bringing destruction and chaos, and they fought all the way to the heavenly palace atop the world tree. They were so powerful, they even breached the forge of Svarog, the sky god, father of creation.

Svarog summoned his children to defeat Chernobog, and locked the dark god in a magical chest he had forged. Defeated, Chernobog pleaded for mercy for the people he had corrupted. In the end, Svarog agreed, for he had created humans and all their faults in the first place, but he had one condition and it was this: never again could the world be controlled by darkness alone. Chernobog agreed.

Svarog stoked his furnace and half the world was covered in daylight. The other half was left for Chernobog to rule, and as the world spun so to did their domains change. And this is how day and night came to the human world.

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