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September 2019 - Ben Folds Instrumentals

Are you truly a child of the 90s if you don't love Ben Folds? I don't think it's possible.

I'm lucky enough that my work is putting on a concert with him next year so of course I booked my tickets the moment they came out. (This is not at all a plug for the magnificent Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, but seriously Ben Folds is touring all major Australian cities to play with orchestras next year so you should absolutely go)

Anyway, old Ben has seen me through a lot through the years - break ups, moving to Melbourne, bonding with new friends. But I so strongly identify with his lyrics I never thought about adding him to my writing playlist.

Then I realised there were instrumental versions of his songs out there. What a revelation! Access to the intensity of emotions I associate with his music, but without the lyrics to distract me. Army is probably my favourite, with Underground a close second. Great for your contemporary scene writing - I can just imagine characters swanning in to a coffee shop and chatting about life with these on in the background.

But seriously, he's a very talented musicians and you should be adding his songs to your writing inspiration playlists today. Enjoy!


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