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October 2019 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Since this post is coming out on Halloween, it would be remiss of me not to put spooooooky music up for your writing pleasure. Unfortunately, despite what snippets of my stories might indicate, I'm not actually much for scary movies (the curse of an overactive imagination!)

I do however LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas. Is it a Halloween movie, is a Christmas movie - does it matter? The point is the music is great, and showcases Danny Elfman before he got too far into the "Tim Burton brand of madness".

I'm aware many people don't like music with lyrics, but there's a stack of background songs for you to choose from. Ok, you might find yourself humming the lyrics, but they definitely set the scene for a slightly spooky, slightly festive writing session. In particular I recommend the Overture and Doctor Finkleston/Into the Wood.

Happy Halloween friends!


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