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May 2019 - The Cursed Child

I'm not having the most amazing start to May (mostly due to a long-planned holiday collapsing in a horrible heap) so I've been casting my mind back to the last week of April when I was lucky enough to see Harry Potter and The Cursed child. I read the play when it first came out and I wasn't blown away by the story, but man did I love the actual production. What. A. Show. I definitely fell a little in love with the supremely talented William McKenna playing Scorpius - he was everything I wanted him to be.

So I've been playing the soundtrack a lot this week. Unlike most plays I see (read: musicals), the music of Cursed Child wasn't the hero, but it did such an important job of laying the atmosphere that I still love it. It makes perfect background music for writing. My absolute favourite song has to be The Staircase Ballet - it was a beautiful moment in the play, and the music captures that feeling of loss and regret of two people not being allowed to see each other. A good one to pop on when you're writing one of those angsty scenes we love.


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