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August 2019 - Boku ni Totte

I have a confession - I am a HUGE Digimon fan. It was one of my top anime growing up, I think in part because it was the first time I'd seen characters with divorced parents in a cartoon. It's probably not surprising then, that Ishida Yamato is in my top 5 favourite cartoon characters - he was my OG childhood crush. Then in series two he's in high school and he's a moody musician? Sign me up!

I was a little bit late off the bat watching Digimon Tri because I thought they're just going to stuff this up trying to bring back a third season so long after the first two. When I finally got around to watching it at the beginning of this month though I binged the entire 26 episodes in 5 days. It was SO GOOD. I loved seeing the characters back and older again, I loved how they struggled between the pull of adulthood responsibilities and wanting to hold on to their childhood. And most of all I LOVED THIS SONG.

It's the third ending song in the series and sung by Ishida Yamato's reformed band, Knife of Day. As a Yamato fangirl, I was always going to love this song. But oooh those lyrics. That melody. It ties in so perfectly to a character that I'm writing at the moment. I've been listening to the whole album pretty much on repeat this month, but this is my stand out.

To me, you are irreplaceable


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